Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Three

It's getting tougher . . .

Well, I broke my rule last night - I put my head on the pillow at 11.10pm - boooooo.  I did a bit of food shopping, had a healthy dinner and worked back late at work last night.  I didn't get back to my room at the pub until 10.20pm.  Silly, silly boy.  Tonight I'll definitely be in bed before 10.30 pm.

I was feeling pretty good after my workout yesterday, but by the evening I was feeling pretty sore.  I was concerned how I'd feel when I woke up.  I was even allowing myself to think that if I was still sore when I woke up, I might sleep in and have an evening workout instead. . .     

What a difference that a good night sleep makes.  I woke before my alarm as usual, and was laying there thinking how nice my warm bed felt.   Nahhh, bugger it.  I'll hit the gym tonight instead.  Then the alarm went off, and I automatically jumped out of bed and stood up.  I felt fan-bloody-tastic.  Not sore at all, and quite bright.  So into my workout clothes and off I went, bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

What a difference a cloudy night makes.  The towel on the windscreen was free of ice, and the windscreen didn't ice up at all on the way to the gym.  Of course I had my bottle of metho in the car just waiting for an icy windscreen !

I was feeling a bit sore on my outer thighs as I walked into the gym, so hit the bike first and then the treadmill.

Bike - 20 mins,
Feeling at start - good.
Feeling during - a tad sore
Feeling after - great !
Cals - 105

Treadmill - 40 mins
Feeling before - nice and warm
Feeling during - GREAT !
Feeling after - satisfied with myself
Cals - 522

Total cals expended - 627

I knew that this was coming and I was mentally prepared.  Despite feeling that my warm, soft bed was MUCH better than going to the gym, I made myself go, and felt great afterwards for doing it.  I am feeling a tad tender on my outer thighs, which I was expecting.  It's gunna hurt - I know this - I have to keep the workouts gentle and not do too much.  But I have to keep going.  And going.  And going.