Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 4 - Part Deux
Was wandering around the campus of Charles Sturt Uni this afternoon, doing a literature search, when I discovered their gym.  Pretty well equipped, with plenty of good machines.  Certainly the price was right - $3.00 per visit for a "community member" (ie member of the public).  Straight after work I went back for my workout, but found you get what you pay for . . . (don't you hate that).  

The treadmill worked, though it was old it was much better than the one I've been using at the Hotel gym when I've been staying in Wollongong.  I really struggled tonight; I was hungry this afternoon, but resisted temptation and ate really well.  My workout felt very hard, which is probably a function of going too hard on Wednesday night.  I did a mini-fitness test on the treadmill.  I am supposed to find an oval and run 1000m as quickly as I can for my homework.  I haven't done this yet because I haven't found an oval in Blayney or Bathurst.  So I got a taste of what I am capable of on the treadmill.  It took me 4 mins flat to run 1000 metres, but who knows how accurate that was and what that translates to in the real world.  We'll see on Saturday.  That will be my Fitness Test Day.

Back to the CSU gym;

Time - 52 mins
Energy expended - 525 calories  

I tried their eccentric trainers, but all the screens were damaged & unreadable.  Tried the stationary bikes, but unbelievably their pedals were falling to bits and the screens were really bad.  Even the air stepper was U/S.  So after ten minutes of stuffing about trying different machines I gave up, and decided to listen to my body and 52 minutes & 525 calories would be enough for tonight.