Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to the 12WBT Gav. 

The 12 WBT Challenge has begun !

It kicked off on Monday 20th September 2010, but I was not able to start until today, Tuesday 21st. 

I hadn't managed to get access to a set of scales or a measuring tape.  So I went out and bought them yesterday.  The tale of the tape was a bit scary.  Though it wasn't too bad on my new scales, though it's clear I have a long way to go . . . 

I weighed myself this morning - 108.4kg naked at 5am after a wee.  Seems that I've made a bit of progress in my pre-season preparation.  I was 112kg a few weeks ago.   

I hit the gym nice and gently this morning.

ten minutes walk to warm up,
eight minutes running,
sixteen mins max incline power walk
and finally 6 mins 42 sec cooldown walk.

Total 40 mins 42 sec, 560 Cals
Surprised how quickly the gains I've made jogging have slipped ! 

12 minutes easy spinning, cadence of 80 - 90 rpm, level 14
Total 12 mins, 110 Cals

Eccentric Trainer
Total 6 mins 20 secs, 120 Cals

Total Workout
Time - 58 mins
Energy - 790 Cals