Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 4 - Part Deux
Was wandering around the campus of Charles Sturt Uni this afternoon, doing a literature search, when I discovered their gym.  Pretty well equipped, with plenty of good machines.  Certainly the price was right - $3.00 per visit for a "community member" (ie member of the public).  Straight after work I went back for my workout, but found you get what you pay for . . . (don't you hate that).  

The treadmill worked, though it was old it was much better than the one I've been using at the Hotel gym when I've been staying in Wollongong.  I really struggled tonight; I was hungry this afternoon, but resisted temptation and ate really well.  My workout felt very hard, which is probably a function of going too hard on Wednesday night.  I did a mini-fitness test on the treadmill.  I am supposed to find an oval and run 1000m as quickly as I can for my homework.  I haven't done this yet because I haven't found an oval in Blayney or Bathurst.  So I got a taste of what I am capable of on the treadmill.  It took me 4 mins flat to run 1000 metres, but who knows how accurate that was and what that translates to in the real world.  We'll see on Saturday.  That will be my Fitness Test Day.

Back to the CSU gym;

Time - 52 mins
Energy expended - 525 calories  

I tried their eccentric trainers, but all the screens were damaged & unreadable.  Tried the stationary bikes, but unbelievably their pedals were falling to bits and the screens were really bad.  Even the air stepper was U/S.  So after ten minutes of stuffing about trying different machines I gave up, and decided to listen to my body and 52 minutes & 525 calories would be enough for tonight.  

Day 4 - Thursday 23rd Sept
6:30 am - Naked as the day I was born, I jumped on the scales (after a wee) as soon as I got out of bed.  I currently weigh 107.6 kg.  Off to work right now, so talk to you again after I've hit the gym tonight.    
 Day 3 - Wednesday 23/09/2010

Busy, busy day at work today.  Very nearly didn't go to the gym because of it, and I have been eating very cleanly, but after talking with Lndr, I made damn-sure I got there.

40 mins, 636 cals

Eccentric trainer
15 mins, 272 cals

Went hard because I didn't have a lot of time before the gym shut.

Total workout - 55 minutes
Energy expended -  908 cals

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to the 12WBT Gav. 

The 12 WBT Challenge has begun !

It kicked off on Monday 20th September 2010, but I was not able to start until today, Tuesday 21st. 

I hadn't managed to get access to a set of scales or a measuring tape.  So I went out and bought them yesterday.  The tale of the tape was a bit scary.  Though it wasn't too bad on my new scales, though it's clear I have a long way to go . . . 

I weighed myself this morning - 108.4kg naked at 5am after a wee.  Seems that I've made a bit of progress in my pre-season preparation.  I was 112kg a few weeks ago.   

I hit the gym nice and gently this morning.

ten minutes walk to warm up,
eight minutes running,
sixteen mins max incline power walk
and finally 6 mins 42 sec cooldown walk.

Total 40 mins 42 sec, 560 Cals
Surprised how quickly the gains I've made jogging have slipped ! 

12 minutes easy spinning, cadence of 80 - 90 rpm, level 14
Total 12 mins, 110 Cals

Eccentric Trainer
Total 6 mins 20 secs, 120 Cals

Total Workout
Time - 58 mins
Energy - 790 Cals

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I've got a bit lax ! ! !

I have just realised that I have not been posting my workouts - trust me I have been ensuring that I do them, and written them down, it's just I keep forgetting to post them.  My bad !

Stay tuned for updates . . .   

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 7 - Trail running !

Glenrock Lagoon Workout
I had to visit Newcastle for the weekend, hence my late post tonight.  I ate well, and didn't skip my workout.  I mowed the lawns and then went for a gentle jog down to Glenrock Lagoon - one of my all time favourite training runs. 

I spent a few minutes warming up in the carpark, and then jogged down to the beach.  I found it very very enjoyable and surprised the heck out of myself when I saw my time - 18 mins to the beach.  I jogged all the way, except for a few spots where it was too slippery or rocky to jog.  Wow I felt alive ! 

I walked back to the carpark instead of trying to jog because hey, this is the end of my first week back in training and I am tired & sleep deprived at the moment - I don't want to do too much too soon.  Anyway, I arrived back in the car park pretty knackered.  I jogged a couple of sections, mostly down hill or flat bits, but I walked 90% of the way at a very fast pace.  Equivalent to my "Hill Walk" mode on the treadmill I guess! 

Total workout time - 46 mins 13 sec. 
Calories burned - unknown, but I'm guessing lots!

I am feeling a little bit sore around my ankles tonight and have a bit of a sore throat and a dull headache, so I took two aspro clears before going to bed.  The soreness in my legs is certainly from jogging on the uneven surface of the bush track.  You have to control each foot-fall when running through the bush; there aren't too many uneven surfaces on a treadmill.

GREAT training run.  Loved it

Good night!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Six - Back on track !

OK I entered "robot-mode", pulled my workout clothes on and hit the gym. 

Bike to warm up.
Feeling before - Good
Feeling during - niiiice
Feeling afterwards - nice warm burn happening
Time - 20 mins
Calories - 110.

Walked 5 mins to get the legs moving, jogged 18 mins, "hill -walked" the remaining at max (15 degree) incline last 5 mins were cool down, no incline, slow pace. 
Feeling before - raring to go
Feeling during - very good to OMG !
Feeling after - EXCELLENT
Time 42 mins
Calories -613

Total workout
Time - 62 mins
Energy expended - 723

Feeling much happier, mood-wise as well as physically.  I was really beating myself up for missing my workout.  I could here a really faint little voice in the back of my mind saying "bugger it, skip this one too.  It won't matter because you'll pick it up tomorrow . . ."  RARRRRR.  Little voice banished.  I'M BAAAACK ON TRACK.

Day 6 Catching up - Part Deux

Catching up on Homework - Task 4
Well, I have just finished Task 3, and watched the Task 4 video. . .  Meh.  Distracted by biceps in the background indeed !  She hasn't seen MY biceps The good thing is that it's simply a preparation task; find a gym you like, get a decent pair of runners, get an iPod, get a set of exercise clothes, get a heart rate monitor.  Well, the even better news is that I already have done everything she asks, and even have an iPod (iPhone hehehe) and heart rate monitor.  Though I will have to find my heart rate monitor, it's in a storage box somewhere. . .  

So that's it.  Michelles homework is now all done.  I have to do my homework now - I'm about to head off to the gym right now and get sweaty.  Talk to you after !  Ciao baby.


Day Six - Catching up

Today is going to be Catch-up Day

I am behind on my homework from Michelle, I am behind on my homework for myself.  I must complete Pre-season Tasks 3 and 4 before the next one comes out and I MUST get my arse to the gym to train today.

Pre-season Task 3 is as follows;

My goals for the next 12 months

1 Month Goals
Successfully follow my fitness plan and maintain careful attention to my food for the next whole month. Losing a few kilos would be very nice, but I want to prove it to myself that I can stick to this plan for a month, no problem.

How I Will Get There
Use my determination and commitment to suceed to complete this initial month-goal.  Am I just "giving it a go" or am I really doing my very best? Do I really want this ? HELL YES.
Strategy - from my knowledge of myself and how I work, I know that I'll go hell-for-leather at first, and then a set back happens and I get stopped cold.  Well, I'm in a set-back phase right now.  I missed my workout yesterday because I was too tired from working back late, and poor me, the gym shuts early on Friday.  Boo hoo, poor me.  I am not sick or tired today (Saturday).  I MUST go to the gym today - no excuses.  I am not sore, injured or committed to do anything else.  And then I will go to the gym tomorrow, and the next day and the next day until the month is over.  I will allow myself ONE REST DAY PER WEEK until the month is over.    

3 Month Goals

I want to be well on my way by three months.
i. I want to be 100 kilos.
ii. Get the dings in my car repaired.
iii. Have logged 20 dives.
iv. Dive Halifax Park.
v. Completed "Advanced Open Water" dive-course.
vi. TWO magazine articles published.
vii. First chapter of my first novel completed.

How I Will Get There

Follow the 12wbt program and find a proper work-life-personal life balance. Complete my short term goals. Save money like mad. Bum-glue, inspiration, fun, laughter and hard-bloody work !

6 Month Goals
i.  Weigh 90 kilos.
ii.  Buy my first DSLR - Nikon D90, D300s or equivalent.
iii.  Be well on the way to being fit enough to easily run the city-to-surf again in 2011.
iv.  Have done my first night dive. Completed "Deep Diver", "Stress and Rescue" and Nitrox courses.
v.  Dive Ewans Ponds.

How I Will Get There
Hopefully I will be loving the feeling of being fit and using the extra energy and inspiration that comes with this to chase my dreams down and catch them

12 Month Goals
i.  Lose enough weight to not longer require my CPAP machine to sleep. I am hoping that this will see me well into the healthy weight range for my height.
ii.  Have my first manuscript completed.
iii. Take an overseas holiday for THREE WEEKS minimum.

How I Will Get There

-  Use the knowledge I will acquire and the determination I will use and show to complete the 12wbt plan and achieve my goals, to see me through to this result.
-  Save like MAD !
-  Get a second job

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 5 - First Obstacle

A Test of Character

Well, I stuffed up today - yep I fell off the workout wagon.  I missed my workout. 

Why?  I have allowed things to get on top of me and didn't get home from work until midnight last night.  I am trying to do too much, and I wasn't keeping an eye on the time as I have nobody waiting for me when I get home.  Just me "batching" in the pub.  I had so much to do today (Friday) that I was back at work by 7.30 am to knock it over by a reasonable hour this afternoon - 5pm.  So I worked my bum off and got it all done.  I was hoping to get a workout done in the afternoon, but the gym shuts at 6pm today, so there was no chance after I drove 40 mins back to Blayney. 

I consider this one of those "emergency" situations that arise rarely.  So what will I do?  I had planned to take my rest day on Sunday, but that was it today instead.  I will be back into it again tomorrow. And Sunday.

And so I keep going.  And going.  And GOING.       

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day Four

I was in bed by 22:30 last night, but didn't get to sleep until nearly 23:00 for some reason . . .

While I was a little bit sore yesterday for most of the day, I was feeling pretty good by late evening.  This morning I was right in the middle of the most astounding, delicious dream when the harp-chorus alarm on my iPhone woke me.  Damn !

I was feeling refreshed and alive this morning.  I had that very subtle stiffness that reminds me I've been exercising, but I LOVE that sensation.  I was down the stairs and in my ute before I knew where I was, but I knew where I was going -To The Gym !  The staircase at the back of the pub is very steep, and it has been pretty painful to negotiate, especially going down, but it was not at all painful this morning.

I was feeling pretty good, so decided to spend a bit more time on the bike warming up,

Bike - 20 mins
Feeling before - GREAT
Feeling during - good
Feeling afterwards - relaxed, warm & ready.
Cals expended - 160

Treadmill - 36 mins
Brisk walk - 10 mins
Jog - 10 mins
Hard walk - 16 mins (incline work)
Feeling before - GREAT
Feeling during - good to very good
Feeling afterwards - Ahhh - Now that's why I came to the gym this morning ! ! !
Cals expended - 520

Total Workout - 56 mins
Energy Burned - 680 cals

Starting to feel better within myself already; paying a lot more attention to my diet, getting to bed on time in the evening and getting out of bed in the morning are the main obstacles.  Attention to detail and the results will follow.

One thing that I have always studiously avoided is counting calories burned.  I have always looked at elapsed time, effort levels and heart rate.  Because for the first time in my life I am paying closer scrutiny to the nutritional content of my food, I was surprised to see the difference in calories burned during walking & running vs cycling.  I have always found running to give me the best results fitness wise, but the impacts to my body have been unsustainable longer-term.  I typically end up with muscle soreness that gets really uncomfortable so I have to stop.  But I see why it's "the king of cardio workouts".  Sheesh !  I burned energy at nearly three times the rate compared to cycling.  But I have made another astounding discovery - the treadmill has an incline feature.  With the incline set at max (15 degrees), I burn energy at almost the same rate on a brisk walk as I do when jogging at a good pace on the flat.  Better still, there is almost no impact "hillwalking" compared to jogging.  Have to keep this little trick to myself !