Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Six - Back on track !

OK I entered "robot-mode", pulled my workout clothes on and hit the gym. 

Bike to warm up.
Feeling before - Good
Feeling during - niiiice
Feeling afterwards - nice warm burn happening
Time - 20 mins
Calories - 110.

Walked 5 mins to get the legs moving, jogged 18 mins, "hill -walked" the remaining at max (15 degree) incline last 5 mins were cool down, no incline, slow pace. 
Feeling before - raring to go
Feeling during - very good to OMG !
Feeling after - EXCELLENT
Time 42 mins
Calories -613

Total workout
Time - 62 mins
Energy expended - 723

Feeling much happier, mood-wise as well as physically.  I was really beating myself up for missing my workout.  I could here a really faint little voice in the back of my mind saying "bugger it, skip this one too.  It won't matter because you'll pick it up tomorrow . . ."  RARRRRR.  Little voice banished.  I'M BAAAACK ON TRACK.