Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 6 Catching up - Part Deux

Catching up on Homework - Task 4
Well, I have just finished Task 3, and watched the Task 4 video. . .  Meh.  Distracted by biceps in the background indeed !  She hasn't seen MY biceps The good thing is that it's simply a preparation task; find a gym you like, get a decent pair of runners, get an iPod, get a set of exercise clothes, get a heart rate monitor.  Well, the even better news is that I already have done everything she asks, and even have an iPod (iPhone hehehe) and heart rate monitor.  Though I will have to find my heart rate monitor, it's in a storage box somewhere. . .  

So that's it.  Michelles homework is now all done.  I have to do my homework now - I'm about to head off to the gym right now and get sweaty.  Talk to you after !  Ciao baby.