Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Six - Catching up

Today is going to be Catch-up Day

I am behind on my homework from Michelle, I am behind on my homework for myself.  I must complete Pre-season Tasks 3 and 4 before the next one comes out and I MUST get my arse to the gym to train today.

Pre-season Task 3 is as follows;

My goals for the next 12 months

1 Month Goals
Successfully follow my fitness plan and maintain careful attention to my food for the next whole month. Losing a few kilos would be very nice, but I want to prove it to myself that I can stick to this plan for a month, no problem.

How I Will Get There
Use my determination and commitment to suceed to complete this initial month-goal.  Am I just "giving it a go" or am I really doing my very best? Do I really want this ? HELL YES.
Strategy - from my knowledge of myself and how I work, I know that I'll go hell-for-leather at first, and then a set back happens and I get stopped cold.  Well, I'm in a set-back phase right now.  I missed my workout yesterday because I was too tired from working back late, and poor me, the gym shuts early on Friday.  Boo hoo, poor me.  I am not sick or tired today (Saturday).  I MUST go to the gym today - no excuses.  I am not sore, injured or committed to do anything else.  And then I will go to the gym tomorrow, and the next day and the next day until the month is over.  I will allow myself ONE REST DAY PER WEEK until the month is over.    

3 Month Goals

I want to be well on my way by three months.
i. I want to be 100 kilos.
ii. Get the dings in my car repaired.
iii. Have logged 20 dives.
iv. Dive Halifax Park.
v. Completed "Advanced Open Water" dive-course.
vi. TWO magazine articles published.
vii. First chapter of my first novel completed.

How I Will Get There

Follow the 12wbt program and find a proper work-life-personal life balance. Complete my short term goals. Save money like mad. Bum-glue, inspiration, fun, laughter and hard-bloody work !

6 Month Goals
i.  Weigh 90 kilos.
ii.  Buy my first DSLR - Nikon D90, D300s or equivalent.
iii.  Be well on the way to being fit enough to easily run the city-to-surf again in 2011.
iv.  Have done my first night dive. Completed "Deep Diver", "Stress and Rescue" and Nitrox courses.
v.  Dive Ewans Ponds.

How I Will Get There
Hopefully I will be loving the feeling of being fit and using the extra energy and inspiration that comes with this to chase my dreams down and catch them

12 Month Goals
i.  Lose enough weight to not longer require my CPAP machine to sleep. I am hoping that this will see me well into the healthy weight range for my height.
ii.  Have my first manuscript completed.
iii. Take an overseas holiday for THREE WEEKS minimum.

How I Will Get There

-  Use the knowledge I will acquire and the determination I will use and show to complete the 12wbt plan and achieve my goals, to see me through to this result.
-  Save like MAD !
-  Get a second job