Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Excuses and Their Solutions
Internal Excuses
1. Too tired after coming home from work late due to;
     i. Working back to impress boss.
     ii. Commute home takes ~1hr driving.
2. Too tired to get up early to exercise.
3. Going to be too sore after exercise because have strenuous day lined up blah, blah, blah.
1. Simple - Knock off work earlier by getting to work earlier.
     i. Must remember that my work will still be there tomorrow - I must pay more attention to the fact that I work to support my lifestyle, NOT living to support my work. . .
     ii. Change jobs, or maybe move closer to work ???
2. This is directly correlated to not getting to bed early enough. Simple to change. Get home earlier, turn computer off earlier, go to bed earlier !
3. I know that I will be sore for the first couple of days of restarting my exercise regime. This will fade pretty quickly (a week or two of discomfort is not much of a price to pay for being much healthier) and the wonders of exercise "high" will replace it pretty quickly. I will also ensure that I take things more gently at the start to minimise muscular soreness.

External Excuses Within My Control
1. Weather - rain/snow may make things hard to train outdoors.
2. I may get stale doing the same exercise if I do it for too long, or my results may plateau.
3. Because this job involves a lot of travel it may be difficult to find somewhere suitable or safe to train of an evening.


1. Gee, go to a gym - (in best pirate voice) thar be treadmills ! ! ! Aye ! ! !
2. Gee what a problem. Change to cycling, swimming or the cross trainer ? ? ?
3. The gym might be the solution - most areas I'll be when working away from home have good gyms not far away. . . Sounds pretty suitable & safe. Maybe schedule workout for early morning when safer ?
External Excuses Outside My Control

1. Might get injured.
2. Might get sick.
3. Might have a work or family emergency . . . . .


1.  Life happens. Deal with it if the worst happens and do another exercise, or just continue on as per normal if I miss a workout or two. Missing one or two sessions won't put me back to square one, but a few weeks to a month might make progress less rapid than I would like.
2. As above - life happens. Look after myself to the best of my ability and return to it as soon as I realistically can. I might need to ensure I'm not pushing too hard at the beginning as this is usually what stops me - I go reallllly well, makes stacks of progress and get the flu and can't exercise for three or four weeks. Ensure I keep my flu shot current would be a smart thing too I think . . .
3. As per 1st two points, deal with it as best as I am able. This weight loss effort is personal - between me and myself - nobody else. I have to make it work. Not "try my best" but REALLY try my VERY BEST. There may be set-backs from time to time, but I am going to have to show some character and overcome them as best I am able, should they be cheeky enough to get in my way.